Cape Verde, a West African nation, is made up of 18 islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  Originally colonized by the Portuguese in the 15th century,  Cape Verde is a fascinating mix of cultures.
The temperate climate, and lack of any noticeable rainfall make Cape Verde an ideal destination any time of year.
There are a number of different and equally beautiful landscapes to enjoy, from scenic beaches to verdant valleys to volcanic peaks.
Hike, explore, and relax on one of the beautiful islands that are Cape Verde.
Water Sports

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing

Due to their position within this winter trade wind belt the Cape Verde Islands boast near perfect windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions from late November to June. The Island of Sal, with the airport, has been a popular windsurfing haven for years. It's a barren island but everyone who comes here falls under the spell of its mysterious charm and plans to return.

Sal is an awesome spot for kitesurfing and is especially suited to the advanced riders and wave sailor. Despite the sometimes gusty wind there is a large kiting area at the westerly half of the main bay area with a deep beach for safe launching and landing.

For the more experienced seeking the rush of some serious wave riding then a visit to Ponta Preta, on the rougher west side, is a must!! Waves here can reach up to 8ft running on to a stony shore break. Local drivers are always available with pick-ups to take you to the spots away from the main bay.

Food and Drink

Seafood is an obvious staple on Cape Verde.  Island living definitely has its advantages, and super fresh fish is certainly one of them.
Dining options on the islands will undoubtedly include plenty of seafood selections.  There are plenty of European cuisines to choose from, Italian chief among them.
Ocean Cafe, located in Santa Maria, is a great place to stop for a quick drink or bite, but it’s also a great place to just sit and hang out.  Relax and enjoy live music, a largely seafood-based menu, and a fun atmosphere.
If you are visiting the island of Boa Vista, be sure to stop by the Wakan Bar.  Sit outside with a cold beer and people watch on the beach.  The best beach bar around, with friendly service and fast, tasty food.
O Pescador, located in Praia, doesn’t change much, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Consistently fresh and well-prepared seafood keep many returning again and again.  They serve up simple dishes, but offer a wide variety of fish, a good wine menu, and excellent service.
What to Do and See
If you are looking to relax, unwind, and renew your spirit, there is a sandy spot waiting for you on one of Cape Verde’s many beautiful Atlantic beaches.
There are also plenty of water sports to enjoy, including kite surfing jet skiing, and even deep sea fishing. Adventure seekers shouldn’t miss a trip to Fogo, where you can ascend the breathtaking Pico do Fogo. The island of Santo Antao features lush forests skimming a scenic volcano.  This island is great for hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, and more.
When to Visit
The weather is temperate all year long on the Cape Verde islands.  December through March sees cooler nights, but the days are still comfortable enough to be considered beach weather.  The busiest season is between November and April

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Walking through these islands is like giving a blind man eyes
Charles Darwin